“Be Modest”: The Most Harmful Blogging Advice You Can Get

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The Most Harmful Blogging Advice You Can Get

I am going to use the worst kind of post opening, but I see not other way. It is the opening with dictionary definition of a word. Here it is:

modest: Unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements.

Guess what, a lot of us are taught to be modest. You know, not brag about ourselves and all that stuff.

While that may work well in life, it will not work here, on internet!

I recently learned this lesson on Facebook(the last place I’d expect to learn a lesson on, but I still did!)

A few weeks ago, I had a small debate with a friend of a friend on Facebook. Same old iPhone vs Android debate(Seriously, how long will it take Android users to realise that iOS has better User Experience! Let’s leave it for later though).

The person on other side insisted that Android was somehow better because of being open source and having large number of phones in market!

He started with illogical statement like “iPhone users have to pay for each upgrade” and stuff(Fact: I never paid for iOS 6 upgrade, neither did any iPhone user!). And later, he came down to personal stuff. He demonstrated his abilities by talking about his own version of Linux and how he was using Vim and stuff.

I was being modest, not saying personal things and staying on topic of discussion!

And guess what was happening:

He was getting worse every moment.

Finally, I decided to brag a bit. And here is what I wrote(he had written “ohh god who am i telling to” in one comment addressed to me!):

Regarding “ohh god who am i telling to”, you were TRYING TO tell to a 20 year old who started his first business at 16, started first profitable one at 17, earns [Rs.]30K per month while topping his class, has an iPhone 4S, has sense enough to not waste time on making own versions of Linux which will be used by merely 2 people in world.

Guess what happened after this?

The guy completely stopped, humbled down and started showing respect. The debate ended right there. Nothing else after that!

If I had not said this, what would have happened?

Yes, he would have continued personal debate and more of my time would have been wasted.

But a little bit of bragging ended it all.

Why “Be Modest”?

We are asked to “Be Modest”. Our parents tell that, teachers tell that and books tell that. In stories, modest guys always win. Almost always.

But everyone is forgetting that this is internet. Here, everyone is anonymous and they are using this to attack others. They are just like high school bullies, but you do not have a teacher to complain to.

And bullies are not the only ones you need to worry about. There are your blog readers as well! You need to tell them what you have done and what you can do.

In this scenario, you can not be modest.

You have to show what you have done.

That is only proof you have.

So show your readers what you have done, what you are doing. Be transparent and get a following!

Go outside and Don’t Be Modest.

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