Do You Want To Stay A “Nobody” Or Become A Real Blogger?

Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world? -Steve Jobs

YouSteve Jobs said this in 1983 when recruiting John Sculley for Apple. Sculley was working for Pepsi at that time and couldn't make his mind about joining Apple. At that time, Steve Jobs convinced him using this legendary pitch.

But what is history doing here.

You are not reading a blog about history or Apple fanboy blog.

It is not related to blogging, or is it?


Do not think much, just read on.

Working hard?

You know what, that's a big problem!

You are working hard. You are working very hard.

But results are 0 or if you are lucky, 0.1. Nothing more than that.


Because you are working hard and hard work does not guarantee success.

2 Hour Per Day = Blogger?

If you are thinking about working 2 hours a day and becoming a celebrity blogger, you are dreaming. You are day dreaming!


Blogging is not about just writing.

It takes a lot more. Promotion, commenting, guest posts and what not.

We need a lot of time to build a successful blog.

And working just 2 hours a day is not going to cut it. It might have worked for a few guys, but open your eyes!

I said open your eyes.

This is the real world.

You are not a full-time blogger.

You have hundred other tasks to do.

And if you think you are still going to make it, you are still day dreaming.

There are hundreds of others who have realized the potential of blogging and have jumped as a full-time blogger.

They are working hard.

And what are you doing?

Refusing to see them.

That's what an ostrich does?

Still, ostrich does not escape from hunter.

Closing your eyes towards the competition does not mean that it is not there. You have to take a look and learn from it.

It’s not enough to succeed — Others must fail.

Break out of your "I'll succeed" illusions!

If you have blogged for 3 years and still getting 3 comments per post and 30 page views per day, you are doing something wrong. And still you think you are going to succeed?

Do Not Be An Ostrich, Be A Lion!

What you need to do is to stop closing your eyes.

Do not overlook competition.

Do not hide your head.

Be a lion.

Treat competition like a pray.

Kill the competition.

Destroy it.

Hit with a knife.

Better, drop a bomb.

Better yet, drop a nuke on your competition.

How To Kill Your Competition

Before you start thinking about doing murder of a competitor blogger or assembling a nuclear bomb, just let me tell you that you should not be doing anything like that.

To kill your competition, all you need to do is to get ahead of rival bloggers. In stats, in subscriber numbers and in comments!

To beat them, all you need is to:

  1. Write Better: They are writing great posts? Go one step ahead! Write awesome posts! In fact, you should not just write awesome but make your whole blog awesome.
  2. Promote Better: They are spending 2 hours for promotion? Spend 2 hours, 1 minute. Even this 1 minute gives you edge over them.
  3. Steal: See what they are doing. Often, bloggers will write about great things that happen to them. Take lessons. Avoid the mistakes they did, repeat their successful steps.

But You Have No Time


You have no time.

You have hundred other things to.

The best solution: Leave your job or school.

But you can not do that, right?

I can not do that and I am sure you too can not.

So, what is the way out of all this?

The way that does not need a lot of time but can still make you a great blogger, that can propel you straight to A-List.

Open Your Eyes

Look around, there are only two ways to become a professional blogger.

  1. Blog Full Time.
  2. Start A Team Blog.

Full Time Blogging

Full Time Blogging is, in my opinion, best option for you. If you become a full-time blogger, you will have lot more time to promote. More time spent on blogging will mean more traffic and income. However, this is a risky way.

What if you do not do well and fail?

You have responsibilities. You can spend 2-3 months without much income but at one point, you will have to look for a traditional job.

But if you do well, you will surely get bigger benefit.

Bigger risk, bigger benefit!

Team Blogging

Starting a team blog or group blog is another option.

Instead of a single person working on a blog, it is better to have several people. All the efforts will add. This way, team blogging helps you to keep your day job and still accelerating the growth. Yes, issues are there but if you have cooperative people around, you can easily solve these.

Choose A Path

This is the time to make a choice. Do you want to stay a normal nobody or change the blogosphere.

Do not continue your efforts on something small, aim for big target.

Do not be satisfied with 100 visits per day when you are capable of getting a million per day.

Do not be satisfied with three hundred subscribers when you are capable of getting three thousand or more.

Make a choice.

Either become a full-time blogger or start a team blog.

I am forcing you because this is going to be great for you. Just try!

And in the end:

Do you still want to be a nobody forever or change the blogosphere?

About Ishan Sharma

Hi, I am a young Blogger from India. I am very passionate about blogging and also co-founder of Blogging With Success. I write about general blogging tips and WordPress. You can read other posts by me here.If you need help, feel free to contact anytime!


  1. Great Thoughts, keep it up

  2. This was of great interest – I did notice for myself and for my clients – the huge difference from posting and promoting my blog from just working 3-4 hours a day to putting in 6 plus hours a day. My visitors and the positive attention for my blog grew. I was receiving comments right away that I was everywhere. Great reminder for everyone. Thank you.

  3. Ishan,
    I understand that to succeed, we need to be better than our competition. That’s a given.

    I don’t understand the point of the article though. Are you suggesting that we quit our jobs and blog full-time? It sees so. Also, team blogging is more difficult to set up. You need to find like minded people who have the same goals and interests as you do.

  4. I have read this post,.. and I think that’s very tru.. anyway I am newbie and I learned alot from your post Ishan.. thank you! :)

  5. Hi Ishan,

    This is very accurate plus inspirational post, The lesson is if you want to achieve something then you have to put your all efforts or else you’re just wasting your precious time. Again Ishan it’s very impressive post.

  6. I love the party in here! So nice hearing a lot of things from NEW people. :)

  7. Hello Ishan!

    That’s an amazing post! It just gives you the energy to do more and empower you! This is where you can say “To take the island, you burn your boat”. If you want something so much you have to focus and move toward your goals!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. I’ll have to stay a nobody then :)

    No, just kidding. I have been so involved with writing my novel, so I can’t say that I’m a real blogger at the moment. But soon, as soon as I finish the novel, I’ll get back to the blogging (not just an hour a day).

    Team blogging is interesting. I have visited several awesome blogs that team blogs. It’s a lot easier to rank and get massive traffic if you got a great team. On the other hand, you got to split the income… but hopefully that’s not going to be a problem :)

  9. Very blunt and strait to the point. We need to be open, aware, and realize the potential we have. Otherwise, the competition and ones who do pay attention will eat us alive.

    Enjoyed The Reading!

  10. This is a good post as it tells the truth. Too many people blog about how easy it is to take up blogging and make a living from it. Usually they have something to sell.

    I disagree with working 1 minute extra will help you against the competition, it would take a lot more than that. I also would leave my job to become a full time blogger, not unless you have enough money put aside to live on while your trying to build up your blog.

  11. Everyone wants to be somebody,, even in the blogosphere. The good news as you have rightly pointed out Ishan is that we all can be truly SIGNIFICANT online despite the increasing time contraint. And you have found the solution – team blogging. Although, I heard of this concept from you first, I have seen it at work amongst many A list bloggers, no wonder they achieve maximum success.

    Thanks for sharing. In the end, your success as a team blogger is dependent on the quality of people who make up your blogging team. A poor team, will only further annihilate your blogging efforts. Choose wisely.

  12. Ishan,
    This was a pretty blunt article man….I can appreciate that.
    One things for sure, you can’t fake blogging. It’s pretty black and white and the results speak for themselves.
    Like it!

  13. Hi Ishan,
    Ah yes the “Full Time Blogger”. People need to realize, that building a business, whether a blog or any other kind of business takes time, effort, money and patience. If you don’t have all of these then bye,bye.
    What the product owners don’t tell you is they work 10-14 hrs plus per day. I know, I work at least 8 hours daily, normally more. Hows my blog going to grow otherwise.

    • HI Pete,
      Thanks for commenting. I agree. No product owner will ever tell you how much time they work. All show the positive side, dollars pouring in out of nowhere! :)

  14. Great Blogging Tips Ishan!

    I like how you describe the Ostrich and the Lion, and how the analogies work. Many people expect to just post every day and expect their traffic to slowly climb, but like you said it’s not like that. It takes serious promotion, commenting, and interaction with the blogging community that will get you success.

    Can’t wait to read your next post!

    Adrian Padua

    • Hi Adrian,
      Glad that you like the ostrich and lion example. Traffic never climbs by itself. If you put 0 promotion, you will get 0 traffic. That’s the way blogging works!
      Thanks for commenting.

  15. Hi Ishan,

    I like that you’re looking at the bigger picture… what you want the end outcome to be and what needs to be done. Me, I’m not looking for celebrity status (although I would embrace it if I had it haha!) but I am looking to help people by sharing my experiences and also to make money with my blog.

    I think what goes along with putting in more effort is also working smarter and doing what gets results.

    Hmmm…. team blogging is an interesting concept and one that I’m going to explore.


    • Hi Peggy,
      Hope you get the celebrity status soon! :)
      Team blogging is definitely exciting if done right. Just try once!
      Thanks for commenting.

  16. I agree that you’ve got to have a bit of a killer instinct and a lot of passion for what you do. However, I do think that sometimes these things won’t be enough. One of the big factors in whether or not your blog will succeed seems to be the niche you’re in. If it’s completely saturated, then it doesn’t matter how hard you work; it’s pretty much impossible to stand out.

    That’s why I think you should give a lot of thought to this aspect. If you can find something you love and know about that not many other people have blogs on, your dream of success will be much more likely to come true.

    • HI Matt,
      Well, niches these days are mostly saturated. However, you can easily stand in a saturated niche. As Tito says, just be significant.
      Thanks for commenting.

  17. Ishan, Ishan… this is brilliant! What’s with my website are more of my blogs. Though we’re a team of online assistants or VAs, I’m mostly doing the blogs. They do other stuff like wring for people, doing VA work and internet research and staff. I’m not so good at that. Anyways, back to your points here.

    I used to just spend 2-3 hours writing then spend more hours working on WordPress to get the post working. I’m an antique, you see. Not so good with how stuff works. I just write. But lately, I am writing more and more, letting someone else do the tech stuff. I’m not bothered by competition or not getting too many readers. Although the readers part would be great if I had more! LOL!

    Writing is my passion and sharing/helping others is a personal commitment. Through blogging, I want to get those two fully maximized.And with your brilliance here, I just got affirmations that I should spend MORE TIME, be BETTER and DO MORE. Really thankful for this, Ishan. Say hello to your wonderful Mom! I bet she’s so proud of you!

    • Well, Thanks for the kind words!
      Leaving things on VAs helps a lot and takes work off you. Glad that you like the post.
      Thanks for comment again! :)

  18. Be a Lion

    Hmmm, there’s just something about that statement that I really like Ishan. ;-)

    I love your tone here man. It’s one of those ‘poop or get off the pot’ posts, which I really appreciate and agree with.

    One thing I do want to point out though– Some niches can be dominated in 2 hours a day (I’ve done this with the swimming pool industry) because they’re not competitive. Others need to be full time (like this niche) if you want to be an A-list blogger. It’s important to remember that although these general rules do apply in many places, it all comes down to the niche and the industry and the competition therein.

    Good stuff man.


    • Hi Marcus,
      Yes, some niches are 2 hour domination but the thing is there are very less left. These days, everyone and their mom is blogging and ever niche has lot of crowd. You have to rise fast or you will remain in the niche as a nobody, forever!

  19. This is so true what you have to say. It takes a lot of time and work in order to become a blogger with celebrity status. Becoming a full time blogger is not recommendable unless you really know what you are doing. If you have a job, keep it. It will take a long time to start profitting from your blog.

    One of the best ways gain exposure and become a celebrity is by reaching out. Join social media and let people get to know you. Through you, they will get to see your blog. Just make sure you are honest and that you know what you are talking about. This would mean either writing about things you have experience with or doing a lot of research on subjects. In many cases it would mean both.

    • Hi Moses,
      You made a great point with “be honest”. Honesty is the first thing you need to make money online(with satisfaction that is!).
      Thanks for comment.

  20. You made some excellent points. Especially regarding full time blogging and collective blog. I have both (well, starting a collective blog)…and I must admit, Apple fanboy nonsense aside :-), your points made perfect sense to me :-)

  21. Hey Ishan

    I would love to blog full time, but it’s a big risk for me to give up everything right now.

    I can totally see the reasons for doing it, and I am seeing some great results from blogging already, but I feel personally I need my online income to be more stable before taking that giant blogging LEAP!

    The team idea sounds good though, so maybe team blogging is the option for me!

    Great post, got a lot from it,

    • Hi Alex,
      Team blogging is a good way to get experience without big risks. And others can always correct your mistakes!
      Leaving a full tie job can be a big risk but it is worth the reward. If you are already seeing good results, why wait?
      That means you are doing things right.
      However, final decision is yours.
      Thanks for commenting.

  22. Ishan – great post for one who wants to be a full time blogger, and wants to achieve a celebrity status. Reading this reminded me of my purpose, which has nothing to do with achieving a celebrity status, rather to bring value to as many people as possible. If I could only put in 2 hours per day on blogging activities I think I would be able to make a much larger mark – but my time is limited; family, career, kid’s extra curricular activities, etc.

    I do find some correlation…because the more people I can attract, then the more people I can bring value to. For me it’s a balancing act.

    So, the next best thing for me would be to join a team – which I think we already have in the making!