How To Get More Comments On Your Posts


Get Your Readers Discussing

Comments are a big social proof. And most important, they generate a lot of new ideas.

As blog owners, getting more comments is one of the main priorities for us.


If you need comments, you have to leave more comments. Most of the blog owners respond to comments these days and additionally, comment back on one of your posts or retweet it. You can make a list of such blogs and start commenting regularly on them.

This approach works well most of the times but you need to spend lot of time commenting on other blogs. Definitely not for you if you are low on time.

Write Longer Posts

If you write a bit longer instead of blogosphere norm(300-500 words), you can get more comments.

I don't know why but this relation works almost everywhere.

Although length is important, also make sure to format the posts properly because after all, it's a human eye that will judge your content and formatting makes sure that attention is drawn to right places.

Some examples are 27 Ways To Take Your Blog From Good To Awesome and Ultimate Blogging FAQ: 101 Most Asked Questions.

Ask For Comments

Are you asking for comments?

If you are writing long posts and commenting on other blogs but not getting comments, this might be a fix. At the end of the posts, ask your readers to comment. You can include a simple pitch like "do not forget to comment on this post" or make it longer by asking questions related to the topic.

Post Less

If you write fewer posts, you can get more comments per post.


Because your posts will get longer exposure. Let's say you are currently publishing 3 posts per week. So every post is getting 2 days on top of the blog. But if you cut it to 1 post per week, you are keeping it on top of the blog for 6 days and that will get it more attention from new visitors.

And since number of comments will be more on the post, more people will be further encouraged to comment.

A good example of this can be our holiday post, Why You Should Take A Break In These Holidays. We published it on Dec 20 and did not promote much. Still, it got lot of comments without much effort.

Write Something Different

Sometimes, taking a different angle on an issue can attract a lot of comments. Did you ever expect a comedy post on Blogging With Success?


But I did that by answering to spammers and response was great!

What's your Method?

  • How do you get more comments on your posts?
  • Which methods have you tried?
  • Any new method you think can work?
  • Did you retweet this post?   :-D
About Ishan Sharma

Hi, I am a young Blogger from India. I am very passionate about blogging and also co-founder of Blogging With Success. I write about general blogging tips and WordPress. You can read other posts by me here.If you need help, feel free to contact anytime!


  1. that interesting Article… See Also My Blog For inspiration… Don’t Forget To Follow twitter and FB Fun page To Share information….

  2. Yes, i agree with you this the way to get more and more comments from the users.

  3. its just ok, just the old lame tips

  4. Writing unique content always get more page views plus comments. The trick is to comment on other blogs to get comment. And also writing less post works.

  5. OH WOW! thanks heaps for this blog post. I just found it via other articles on your site. The whole posting blogs less has really took the pressure off me! I love writing, its a passion of mine and for some bizarro reason I thought posting more blogs regularly would help with my google ranking. But, knowing this is, well… time saving, relief bringing, insightful and inspiring! thanks so much. I will put this into practice and when I am inspired to write (which I always pretty much am) I can post into draft and post less regularly. Excellant!!

  6. Good advice here Ishan,

    Getting visitors to your blog and getting them to leave comments is getting harder, likewise it is getting hard to come up with something new that hasn’t already been done in spades that people want to read about, blogging about your pet cat is just not going to cut it.
    Content is still king as you say, but it is no good if you cannot get anyone to read it.

    Fortunately the Comment Luv plug-in seems to be our salvation at least for now, I have this installed on a couple of my sites and am in the process of testing the top commentator plug-in to go with it, early results look very promising, but CL certainly looks like a keeper for now, at least while we can hold the spammers at bay.

  7. Hi I read Your Post and i am really Happy to read your post .thank’s for posting thats like post.great work

  8. Hi Ishan, we are novice bloggers (just started). I agree to your first post because when we started our blog, onemint blogger manshu commented on our about page; that was rather surprise for us because we had just started. We have not had much success by commenting on other blogs.

    I do not agree to post less and post longer articles. I think no body has much time to read. Frequent and shorter articles may draw attention – as short news.

    We tried Facebook, linkedin, yahoo, google, telephone calls to ask readers to try our content. These mediums gave mixed success.

    One method that I feel works well is recognize the real readers of your blogger. I am expecting that commenting on Analytics and Marketing blogs (ours is mainly Analytics and Marketing blog), may increase traffic and comments on our blog.

    By the way, what is COMMENTLUV?

  9. hi ishan thanks for giving this idea to me and another tip from me make ur comments do follow

  10. I am very new to blogging, so more or less everything is very new to me.

    I’m in a very small niche (though it seems to be one that is growing), so there haven’t been many other blogs that resemble mine to learn from.
    There’s only one other blog that I know of, which have a large audience.

    The author of that blog posts content every day, and sometimes it shows that he has been busy or not very inspired. But readers keep coming.
    He apparently used to reply to comments but stopped doing so a couple of months ago, just as I had entered the scene. I’ll certainly not say I envy most of those who comment at present on his blog. There’re a lot of trolls, and it does look like the serious readers are struggling with getting their foot in, so to speak.

    I’ve vowed to never let that happen to my blog. I want it to be a place where people can have a rare opportunity to meet the minority I represent on a decent basis and with a feeling that it is worth their visit.

    From reading this article here, Ishan, I think I will change my approach. – I had already realized several errors on my part (several articles will definitely have to go, f.ex.), and one of the things I will start with is taking more time off the constant posting, so that I can actually get the time I’ve felt for some time that I need in order to visit other blogs, start interacting more, and – not least – learn the technical stuff.

    My blog is on BlogSpot at the moment, but I want to move it to WordPress and have prepared a domain there. – Blogging can certainly be a full time job if you want to do it well. So I guess I can say, for once, that I am fine with not having a job at present.

    I know what I do is important, and that keeps me going.

    I really like the atmosphere here, the friendliness between everybody – blog author/s and readers – is certainly not something I’ve experienced often, even on blogs in the IT-related How-To niche. – Your articles are unique already, but this community on top of that, it’s simply the best!

    And yes, I will definitely keep reading and learning.

    I wish you, Ishan, and all my fellow readers, the best of luck ahead!… ‘^L^,

  11. peter colin says:

    Thanks alot for this amazing article, i really like these tips to get more comments to my blog, i believe that the more comments you get, means that you got a proper traffic.

  12. it’s good

  13. Hi Ishant,
    I think one of the most important way of getting more comment is by writing creative and compelling content. Also Like you said posting less is also a good idea. I have seen that work. Asking questions inside the blog post also makes the visitors comment. And ya last but not the least there is the famous “What do you think about the post. Add your views” type of phrase that is placed at the end of the posts which always works.
    By the way, you have a great site over here, my first visit. Keep up the good work.


  14. Writing less is perhaps one often overlooked strategy for getting more comments. A good example is Patricia’s blog She has kind of mastered this strategy. She writes a post, leaves it there for about 3 weeks or more and goes around the whole blogosphere leaving as much comments as she can until everyone lines up on that one post of hers and then the comments goes as high as 100+

    I really envy are strategy, as I have seen it working out so well for her. I only wish I could be able to adopt it myself, as there so many things contending with my time and so many external factors hindering making blogging a full time work for now. Hopefully, I will put this strategy into greater use.

    Thank you for sharing Ishan. Nice tips.

  15. And again another good post! i absolutely adore you to have gone out of the box to list out genuine tips and not ended up mentioning the dofollow plugins like thousands of others end up doing !
    Great share! RT immediately

  16. Don’t you think making your blog dofollow would attract more comments Ishan???

  17. I would have to agree with JK here. Interaction is what motivates me to blog. Being able to help others, find gigs and express myself – and hear what others have to say as well. It’s a challenge to become a top-rank in hearts of like 10,000 readers. But if I captured hearts of 10 people, even less, because I’ve become their friend, mentor, a convenient go-to… that’s fine. As long as the few virtual relationships I’ve established are sincere and pleasant, I’d rather have them. Besides, who likes hearing from people who have the same comment over and over again? Strange!

    But I can tell you now Ishan, and Bryan from ElevationLife… (I gotta check out JK Allen as I find his wisdom cool as well!) i’m gonna be bugging you guys more often! See you, guys! Thanks again, Ishan. Did I already say that?

  18. I always get more comments by commenting on other blogs…I think it is kind of a pact between bloggers…You comment on my blog, I comment on yours! That always seems to work well!

  19. I do agree with you Ishan, If you write an unique and good post then you’ll definitely receive good response. So always try to write something new.

  20. Hi Ishan,

    Exactly, commenting on other blogs helps us to get more comments. It is all about building relationships too. Thanks for sharing Ishan

  21. Love this topic Ishan and have very much lived through what you discussed above. For a long time I got very few comments on my blog. Why? Because my networking stunk it up. Competitive niches like the ones you and I are in require much more than just ‘great content’. For months I was writing good stuff but it fell on ‘blind eyes’. Today, just because I’m active in the blogosphere and busy building relationships with cool people like you, I get loads of social proofs with each article.

    Great stuff man.


    • Hi Marcus,
      Same here. I have also gone through the same journey. Networking is the key in blogosphere. Nothing else works that great.
      Thanks for the kind words and comment.

  22. I seem to feel when my posts are popular, they comment. Sometimes I have very few which is upsetting but I am coming to realize that when it’s a great post, they let me know. I try to comment on other blogs but it gets to be a lot of work. I spend alot of time on my blog as my photos are all my own so I have to organize them then I research what I write about in the posts as well. I do find that some who I comment on their blog will then comment on mine. I also read somewhere that you should always respond to your comments because it isn’t only good for your blog but makes it look like there is more comments as well! I am still learning this whole blogging thing!! :)

    • Hi Rosemary,
      Well, there’s a little lesson in there. See which kind of posts work well and write more like them.
      You are learning fast! Let me know if you have any questions.
      Thanks for commenting.

  23. Hi Ishan – I’ve never associated comments to equate clout…but I guess that makes sense. For myself – I just love the interaction. I think one of the things that helps stimulate the comments I received are all relationship based. I’ve developed some form of relationship with most of my with that comes a natural support system. AND it’s a mutual deal – I support them as well. I get new commenters each post…and the cycle continues.

    I think what it really comes down to is value. If what you write brings value to the audience its written for, there’s a natural momentum created, which leads to a comment. In order for that value to be witnessed, there has to be an audience – and that just takes time! I’m patiently awaiting a large audience!!!!!!!!

    Great advice Ishan – you teach me a lot man! Thank you.

    • Hi JK,
      Thanks for the kind words. I am in love with interaction too.
      As you mentioned, relationships are important. They always pay off well.
      Thanks for the comment.

  24. I can see the advantage of posting less for comments to appear, but as for having fresh content daily, it lacks.

    I suppose this method would be greater for a small blog with little traffic. Blogs with a lot of traffic generally get a lot of comments and therefore instead of less posts should just ask readers to comment. Maybe just my opinion.

    • Hi Roger,
      Well, having fresh content daily is no rule. In starting, with less visitors, fresh content won’t do much good!
      Yes, this post is targeted on smaller blogs.
      Thanks for commenting.

  25. Hey Ishan – great stuff man!

    I think that content and having presence in your niche is definitely key to getting great comments. You must have good content otherwise no one will feel compelled enough to comment but you also must have a presence in your niche.

    I always like to use the example of the lemonade stand. You can have a stand of the best lemonade in town (i.e. great content) but if your stand is in the middle of the dessert, whats the point?

    • Hi Hector,
      Yes, presence is essential. And after that, good content. Both go hand in hand.
      Great example, explains whole concept in one sentence.
      Thanks for commenting.

  26. Thank you for you great advice and FB site! I try to comment on blogs that interest me and yes, marketing your site is hard work, but does pay off, I have over 1000 members in my Link Share Forums to attest to that fact. I encourage the members to visit other Blogs that interest them and develop relationships and share links. This is a method that does work. Content is great and should be, but if no one sees it what good does it do? Anyway you are welcome to visit my site, registration is free so go there now and check it out! Thanks!

    • HI Ed,
      Thanks for kind words. Marketing is hard but as you said, it does pay off well.
      I will check your site!
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  27. Ishan, great post, man. I like how Seth Godin writes about blog success. First he says, “Write longer posts,” then follows it up with “Write shorter posts.” I think what he means is, every method is different for every blogger. But what I REALLY resonate with here is “ask for comments.”

    There’s something universally true about “Ask and you shall receive.” When I got REALLY tired of posting what I thought was good content but now having ANY readership, this was exactly what I did. In fact, not just adding it to my posts – I emailed people who either worked in or had an interest in my personal development niche and asked them to check it out – and if they liked it, subscribe and comment. And JUST LIKE THAT, they did. INSTANTLY my blogging life changed. Most of that group (my friends and work colleagues) have sort of died off in comments, but it gave me enough social proof that it wasn’t a problem again. Thanks for sharing Ishan! I love this!

    • Hi Bryan,
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, every method is different and can work in different situations.
      Asking for comments is of course one thing that almost always works. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  28. Hallo
    This post was i`m search about long time ago, I sucees to inrease trafic for my site, but not cooments, I so plenty blogs have less trafic but more comments, my site is not personal, it has not any name of it auther, should I use a neckname to increase comments?

    • Hello,
      Well, there’s no necessary to mention name. And I don’t think it can increase comments. One thing that matters is quality of traffic. If you are using methods like traffic exchanges, they may not work well!
      Thanks for comment.

  29. Hi Ishan,

    Great post about getting more comments. Post lesser is indeed one way to encourage comments as people don’t like to comment in old post once you have publish a new post. Comment in other blogs is also important. In fact it is necessary and good for networking.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


    • Hi Lye,
      Thanks for kind words. Yes, commenting on other blogs is of course very important.
      Thanks for comment.

  30. Hi there Ishan, Good points however, there are some that I dont agree with. Sites like Mashable publish well over 5 articles a day and they still end up with tones of comments.

    In my openion, only one thing counts. Write good stuff. Stuff people want to read about.

    If you analyze your blog, you will notice that there are several posts that have loads of comments and there are those that have only a handful.

    Content is King.

    • Hi Eddie,
      Mashable is a news blog and they get lot of traffic. With that much traffic, they can easily get lots of traffic. I am talking about a small blogger here who has to work hard to get traffic and even harder for comments!

      In my openion, only one thing counts. Write good stuff.

      I disagree a bit here. These days, you have to promote too. Only writing good stuff won’t take anyone anywhere!
      Thanks for commenting.