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Hi, I am a young Blogger from India. I am very passionate about blogging and also co-founder of Blogging With Success. I write about general blogging tips and WordPress. You can read other posts by me here.If you need help, feel free to contact anytime!


  1. dude,

    i want to know how can i reduce load on my server.

    do you have any tutorial for thaT???


  2. Harshit Kashyap says:

    hi..just saw ur blog…actually i am facing difficulty in downloading my own logo from aaa logo software …..it is asking for ordering the full version which costs too much for me …i can’t bear that big amount….can u pls tell me some ways to download the self made logo from the same software..

  3. Thanks but all your photos are not working. I want a good wizard textured logo for my blog.

  4. Nice tutorial! I've never made a logo for myself as I thought it was way too much effort and assumed I did not have enough skillsets to create one. This tutorial has led me to believe that I can create one for myself. Thanks!

  5. Can You Tell Us How To Add A FAVICON TO UR BLOG

    Thanks For The Post

  6. Nice tutorial. I use AAA Logo Manager & that is awesome.

    You can see logo on my blog.

  7. great tips…

    i want to give it a try..

  8. Great stuff. Good guidance. Was looking for a logo for my blog; now I know how to create one. Thanks.

  9. I've really enjoyed looking over your site. I am eager to add what I've learn, not only to my blog, but to my web site as well.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment when you do apply any tutorials and tips, as you've done on other posts.

  10. nice tutorial ya. i'll try this to get rich look of my blog.

  11. Restaurant POS Syste says:

    Good stuff. Good guidance about loge creation and upload it and make a profession logo free. Thanks.

  12. Wireless Connectivit says:

    Hello Mr. I,

    I’ve been scouring google to find a solution, and you’ve created exactly what I need.

    Thanks for making this tutorial. It's really helpful for me and I think it is the most easiest way to create logo…….

  13. Is n't there a small file. The 35 mb file too long a file to download for Gprs or Dial up connection users. Nevertheless, you have touch a very good topic as many bloggers want their personal logo as their header image. Well written that justifies your logo and theme. Lol. Kudos to you for this useful post.

  14. Ive been attempting to design a logo for the last couple of months with no success. This inspired me to think simple. Great post and tutorial.

  15. This is a very thorough well written tutorial. Although I'm not into making a logo at this time, I will be bookmarking this post for future reference. Thank you for publishing it. :)

  16. Hi there MR. I,

    Nice Tutorial :) I ought to try that out tonight.


    Eddie Gear


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  4. Gail Gardner says:

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