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One of our goals for Blogging With Success is to have a real community. This means increasing our interaction with readers. Several posts have been reviewed on StumbleUpon, which is great way to get exposure. The quality of reader comments so far has been high and encouraging. The number of BWS subscribers is not as impressive. BWS has gained over 30 new readers, but our goal is 100 by the time we reach our 3 month mark. At that rate, you need to have subscribed yesterday!!

Having more readers will give us the community, direction from your input and motivation to keep generating content aimed at you. So we need your help and possibly a leap of faith that BWS will indeed do what we plan --- guide you on the path to your success.

So be part of this community and join our BWS Blogger's Cafe:

  1. Subscribe to our RSS feed or by email. Please specify in the message that you want to join the Blogger's Cafe!
  2. Fill out this short form to get on our official roster.
  3. Make your voice heard by commenting on future posts, don't be afraid to disagree or add your perspective. Share your experiences and knowledge. Members will be able to ask questions which we will answer in our upcoming Q&A section.

It's okay to bring a friend (as many as you want). Just send them this post. It's that simple.

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  1. @ bigbear6208

    Thanks for you Inspiring Comments. They boost my and team!

    Thanks for support.
    If you need any blogging related help or advice, we will always be here.

  2. bigbear6208 says:

    Great Idea you guys have my full support. Anything you guys need just ask.

    Even though I’m in Trinidad i can still help

  3. @avideogameplayer – are you the same “attention freak” who did not vote for us in the Idol contest? LOL Anyway I did find your comment box but I’m still looking up some of those words with x*** letters in my urban dictionary. I want to leave informed comments….

  4. avideogameplayer says:

    @SBA – Thanks for checking my blog out, it’s always nice to have visitors. And I stole the sign idea from a friend’s blog. (He didn’t mind though. XD) I got it from They do custom signs for you blog.


    PS – My comment section is open. (Yea, yea, yea. I’m a little attention freak…).

  5. @avideogameplayer – Glad you joined and good luck in the ad contest — if you win, your ad design should be fun. Great sign (ad) you have showing visitor’s IP address, etc.

  6. avideogameplayer says:

    Hey! Just signed up! Never hurts to have a little more exposure for one’s blog, doesn’t it?

    /end shameless plug

  7. Creative Junkie says:

    Hi SBA – I just signed up! I’m always open to anything that might make me a more successful blogger.

  8. @anonymous – FrankJov,I know from your SU message you had a problem with the openid, will research. We’re looking for a ‘few good bloggers’ who want to share with each other — right here by commenting on this blog. I always say the blogosphere as a place to find and give help.

    @Hamdani Amin – same thing. We’re on our way to finding those passionate bloggers when people like you subscribe. Thanks!

  9. @Mohamed Taher – your support is always appreciated. Glad to have you here.

  10. Hamdani Amin says:

    Hi SBA, always like to participate in what your team initiate. I had been keeping a close eye on this blog lately. Team building is fun, I laso agree with with what my friend Frank at said, finding someone who could commit their time and be passionate about what they do is a tough challenge.

  11. @Alex

    Well, we have also seen stats growing like wildfire but the fact is that we have started just 18 days ago. And when you are new, it takes time to establish.

    By readers, SBA meant RSS subscribers. We have already got 646 unique visits with 1500 page views in first 16 days.

    We can also set high goals like 1000 subscribers per day but setting goals also requires that they are feasible.

  12. Alex- The Blog Traffic Guy says:

    Can have some details about this discussion? I’m creating some local discussion group with my friends too. It used to have 5 people, and then 2 and then me alone. After that it became 2 again. Kinda hard for me to get people to commit to something.

    Anyway, getting 100 reader in 6 weeks is not ambitious. I saw someone grow 2000 in 4 months and 5000 readers in a month.

  13. Much success with your team! I have been hunting for a technology blogger to join me at I have had a few bytes, but didn’t catch the big one yet. Team building is a fun, but trying to find someone who could commit their time and be passionate about what they do is a tough challenge.

    All the best!

  14. Mohamed Taher says:

    Great intiative. Wish you God speed. We must mutually support each other in disseminating ideas beneficial for the social good. Have a gr8 week ahead, Best wishes, MT


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