Interview With Google Co-Founders And A Big Bonus For Readers

Well, I decided to get back from my break and that too with style.

So, here I am, with a big surprise. Actually, Larry and Serg were on a trip to India when their car broke down and I gave them a lift!

Lerry And Serg- Google Co Founders

Without any further ado, let's start the interview with Google Co-Founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The surprise bonus is at end of post!

Ishan: Hi Larry and Serg. First of all, thanks for sparing your valuable time. Let's start with the interview. Let's start with SEO. I have heard a lot about SEO and to be honest, most of the information is really confusing. What do you think, is SEO really that important for blogs?

Larry: I don't think so. SEO is way much overhyped. SEO is not as important as it is made to seem by a lot of bloggers.

Serg: I agree. Most important thing is content and blogs already have lot of content. Only thing that bloggers need to do is to write well and forget about "optimizing" content.

Ishan: There are lot of services offering SEO services. Are they any good?

Serg: No! Like SEO, they are also overhyped. They offer just a small rise in rankings for lot of cash.

Ishan: Are there any latest technologies that you are using in search or is it just spiders crawling the web like they did 10 years ago?

Larry: Ha ha! Spiders are old news! We killed them some 2 or 3 years ago. Now, we use bats. You know, bats are a lot faster!

Ishan: Bats? Sounds weird? Anyway, can you give some overview about the bats?

Larry: Ask Serg, he invented them and he knows more about it.

Serg: Basts are my most wonderful creation by far. Spiders were very easy to manipulate. So, we tried different technologies. We tried rats at first but they were way too slow. Bats are faster and the best thing is that they can quickly fly over pages. They are at least 30% faster than spiders!

Ishan: Recently, Google has developed browser, OS and what not. In 2010, which areas are you planning to set foot in?

Larry: Well, we are thinking about selling G-PC! It will be a Net PC that you can carry anywhere!

Ishan: Net OS was fine, but Net PC?

Serg: I know it looks too futuristic but then at Google, that is what we do! We make future technologies. Net PC is all about portability. And not just portability, it's total portability! When you buy net PC, you won't get any hardware except a small SatLink.

Ishan: SatLink?

Serg: Yes. It's a small magnetic device that can be used to access Net PC. Once you place it on any device with a screen any at least 10 keys, SatLink will connect to our satellites and will give you access to Net PC. The keys will automatically be configured and screen will be adjusted on the fly. We can't tell more at this time as we still need to do some work on it.

Ishan: Well, that's fine. But can you give a small demo?

Serg: Well, yes. Do you have a calculator?

Here's a picture of my calculator with Net PC:

Image Not Available

Google has requested us(your Internet Service Provider i.e. your internet company) to not show this image. This is strictly confidential.

Ishan: Thanks a lot for the interview. It was a pleasure to talk with you!

Larry: Before we leave India, I think we should give you a small gift for being so nice. How about making all your reader's blogs Page Rank 10!

Ishan: Is it possible?

Larry: Absolutely! Note down this address and give to your readers. Once they enter their details there, we will make their blogs PR 10 and also give top rank for one keyword of their choice.

Ishan: That's awesome!

So, as you can see, it was a great interview! Anyway, to get PR 10 and a top listing, just click this link and fill your details.

And yes, if you have not yet realized(I know you have), you are my latest........... Wait, let the image say itself!

Ha Ha!


  1. This is just a prank, do not take anything seriously.
  2. No animals(spiders and bats) were hurt in writing this post! So, don't send animal rights activists behind me!
  3. I am not coming back from break right now. Official date is 10 May, 2010(be prepared for a big surprise!).

My exams are coming near! Wish me luck!

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  1. The best april fool prank ever ! Really enjoyed this post…
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  2. Hahahaha, tried to pulling our leg, really enjoyed that
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  3. Good one

    thanks for that

  4. Good one, I must admit I was pretty much carried away.

    I can't believe you've caught me.

  5. Hey You Really Caught Me There .

    But I wish That would have happened !!

  6. lolz.;D

    good one ishan :)

  7. Reading this a bit late but it still made me laugh:) Thank you!

  8. Dood, its so good to see you back again.

    You have actually put a lot of thought into it, this is the most hilarious stuff that I have read this April :)

    Good luck for the exams mate, Have fun :)

    • Thanks for commenting! I will be back on May 10 with some surprises. So, watch out.

      And thanks for listing this post on Million Clues!

  9. Nice joke Ishan. At first I thought what had larry and sreg gone to hamirpur But you were able to make a fool out of me. @thefatlady I hate bats too.

  10. I don't normally like bats, as too many old opera houses have them backstage. But I was amused by these bats.

    But it's time for me to sing and bring this to a close until next year.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Next year, it won't be bats! Maybe Google will find something faster! ;)


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