Why You Should Take A Blogging Break In Holidays

Now, That's A Holiday!

Who told you that blogging is a slave like job where you have to constantly feed great content to your readers?(If nobody did before, I just did!)

You are not a slave and readers are not monsters who will eat great posts after great posts and will get angry at you if requirements are not met strictly.

You are a human! And most importantly, your readers are human. So be assured, thy won't eat you alive anytime soon.

The point is that you need rest. Your mind needs rest.

And best way to rest is to take a blogging break.

And to convince you, here are some reasons to take holidays:

  1. Holidays Are Refreshing: Staying away from something for a limited time is like hitting "Refresh" button for your mind and body. Ask me, who had to almost stop blogging for 2-3 months due to bad connections and college assignments. However, when I returned to blogging, I found myself energized and refreshed and started writing posts like a robot. My book "50 Blogging Secrets Learned From Masters" was written in 9 hours. And do you know what was interesting about those 9 hours? They were continuous. No breaks taken! I was able to pull it off because I have had lot of "blogging rest" during October-November.
  2. Holidays Are Better With Family: Nothing is like spending quality time with family. But blogging can ruin it. Imagine writing a post when all others want to go out shopping! Something will suffer and if this something is shopping, that is bad! (Maybe I just said this because I am avid shopper. Thanks to Shirley for holding me off from buying every latest theme and plugin)
  3. Who Will Read Your Blog In Holidays?: OK, so people will stay home in holidays and will rush to read your blog? No! They will be busy with other things and since holiday season is a bit fast with lot of celebrations and travelling involved, people won't pay much attention to online things!

How To Tell Readers About Your Blogging Break

OK, so you have decided to take a break? But you need to tell readers about it so that a few stay online don't miss you! Here are some good ways to tell them about your blogging break:

  1. Announcement Post: This is simplest way and works well. Write a personal post for readers wishing them great holidays and tell that you will not be around!
  2. A Holiday Present: We all love presents! So do your readers! How about offering them something for free as a present. It can be a book or anything similar. P.S. This is what I did with "50 Blogging Secrets Learned From Masters". My friend Elise went even further and posted an Ode To Consumerism and 3 gifts for her readers. Check out An Ode To Consumerism Plus Free Giftz. Between,if you drop by her blog, do not forget to brag a bit about 50 Blogging Secrets book! ;)
  3. A Related Post: OK, let's assume that Blogging With Success is a blog about dog training and not Blogging Tips(should we call it "Dogging With Success" then?). Anyway, it would be better for us to take a break with a post saying "How To Take Care of Your Dog These Holidays" and a small notice with that instead of a simple post saying "We Are Taking A Break". Do something that relates to your niche that relates to holidays and in the end, tell the readers about break. Now, you know that......

We Are Taking A Break!

Resting Young Man

Time For Some Rest!

We are taking a short break in these holidays.

After this, we will publish next post on January 3, 2011.

Enjoy your holidays, take a break from blogging and meet again in next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. I have birthday on Dec 31. So do not forget to wish and send me a present(bigger ones preferred! And if they are by Apple, absolutely preferred!)

About Ishan Sharma

Hi, I am a young Blogger from India. I am very passionate about blogging and also co-founder of Blogging With Success. I write about general blogging tips and WordPress. You can read other posts by me here.If you need help, feel free to contact anytime!


  1. Everybody requires a break from work so that one can start again with motivation. Blogging is a mental work and you need to rest your mind to keep it refresh…which results in new and fresh idea.
    My recent post Merry Christmas &amp Happy Holidays from India Darshan

    • Hi Shailender,
      Thanks for commenting. Yep, we need breaks to get new ideas and for me, breaks are even more important because I usually do not work continuously.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. What a great idea Ishan, I'm sitting here Boxing Day morning commenting on your blog, and I'm very tempted. 8)

    The problem is, I'm very close to achieving a traffic goal I had set for myself, and I want to continue blogging until I hit it….I think I will take a holiday at some stage, but I will plan it in advance and announce it on my blog, maybe with a free gift as you suggest.

    I used to be in the travel industry and SOLD holidays, so I should be keen to take more of them. Great advice Ishan, and thanks for this reminder. I must admit I had forgotten that I could choose to give myself break. :roll:

    My recent post Top 3 Christmas Pop Songs

    • Hi John,
      Well, following goals is of course very important and if you feel like taking a break later, that's even great. Good luck with your traffic goal. Hope you achieve each and every goal in 2011.
      Have a great time. Thanks for commenting.

  3. You are right, my blog's traffic dropped considerably these two days. There is really not that many lifeless people spending their Christmas in front of their screens.
    My recent post Merry Christmas! And The Winner Is…

    • Hi Vincent,
      That was my point. In India, many people do not celebrate Christmas but still it's holiday season and people prefer enjoying outside!
      Have great holidays.

  4. I might be forced to go on holidays by my parents, (and everyone else doing it) but i'm just hoping that some big freelance project will come my way so i can tell them that i need to work on it (and my blog).

    Enjoy your holidays and merry christmas ;)
    My recent post Special Birthday post- Things you don’t know about me- updates and future plans

  5. very true. No one is going to read your blog during the holiday seasons. It's time to rest, refresh and reflect. It's time to just look at what you have accomplished and admire, what you have done.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      You hit the nail on the head. And best of all, it's time for me to go back home and meet family! So, a break is a must!
      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Hi there,

    I'm so sorry I missed this great post. (The ongoing saga of the broken computer has yet to come to an end and I'm still working on a borrowed one.) . I was about to state that I thought this post was timely when I came s screeching halt. Can you please explain to me why the dates have been removed from this blog? I don't comprehend how this can possibly be benefit to a reader. I find it annoying that the date this post was published on is not appearing and that the dates on the comments are likewise not appearing. Is this a deliberate act?

    Without doubt holidays are refreshing and time spent with family and close friends are the best times of all. So I'm doing the same — I'm taking a brief blogging break too.

    May your 2011 exceed all expectations in every aspect of your life. :)

    • Hi there,

      Dates are missing? Where? They are present! Are you sure they were not there?

      OK OK, I was the one who removed them. Dates on the posts were removed, well, about 8-9 months ago when we started posting 1 post per week thinking that people will jump if they see the post is 3-4 days older. Comments, well that was just an experiment that started a few minutes before you commented and ended a few minutes after you commented!

      Have great holidays and a great time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Hi Ishan,

    everyone need to take a break from time to time and Christmas period is a perfect excuse to do so. Not just because we want to spend our time with our families and friends not online bloggig but also because there will be much less people reading blogs.

    So take the rest you deserve, refresh your mind, enjoy this peaceful period of time and see you in the year 2011.

    • Hi Adam,

      Yes, breaks are absolutely necessary. I hope you enjoy your holidays and have great time.

      Thanks For Commenting.

  8. This is a very good share, i like the way this post has been crafted, Keep up the good work going. Promoted this share, Thanks.

    • Hi Praveen,

      Thanks for sharing the post. Hope you enjoy your holidays. Have a great time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. Awesome post Ishan. I think it is very important to take some break from blogging.

    Though, i've no plans to take a break from blogging and i'm going to work on my blogs.

    You wrote a book in 9 hours with taking a break that's super awesome man. Great Job. Will going to read it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Awesome post bro! Sure, I will be taking a break! Being a blogger is cold job! :) I will take a break in order to refresh my brain because my plans for next year are damn tight! Thanks so much for sharing. Have fun.

  11. Well I think you got a point here. But this time I don't think I'm going to take a break.

    I'm really enjoying what I'm doing right now and I just don't want to stop! :)

    Hope to see you around my blog Ishan :)

    • Hi Fernando,

      Good to see that you are all pumped up towards your goal and din't want to stop.

      Enjoy your holidays, thanks for comments.

  12. Ishan,

    I agree! We need to take a break, otherwise, blogging is not good for our health and productive mind.

    I really feel the difference between xmas last year before i started my blog and this year, very busy, baking cookies and blogging LOL.

    Happy holidays to everyone!


    • Hi Kimi,

      I usually keep taking breaks or am forced into them and they really refresh the mind. Leaving blogging and focusing on holidays can work better!

      Thanks for commenting. Happy Holidays to you too.

  13. I use the schedule tool in WP to make up for the days I cannot be too active. I don't see why I need to leave my blog with no content for days, when I can prepare some content in advance and have it published regularly.

    • Hi Dojo,

      Well, we might have used the same strategy but I like participating in discussions with readers and this was not possible with scheduled posts as I would be away. Also, as I mentioned, many readers will be busy, so it is better to take some rest and also allow readers to rest(last thing someone wants to see after coming back from holidays is a full RSS Reader!)

      Thanks for comment.

  14. I should take a blogging break, you're absolutely right. But there are so many things going on right now, and I'm not sure if I can. Well, I'll probably not be writing a lot of blog posts (usually I publish three blog posts a week, but I write every single day). What I'll probably be doing during the holidays is fixing stuff on my blog, things I don't have time to do when I work and write. So, I guess I can say that I'm not actually blogging (because I'm fixing stuff instead).

    The best blog posts I write, I usually get the ideas when I'm out walking or doing something completely different than blogging or writing.

    I have been thinking about taking a day off during the week in order to relax more. For instance, one day of the week away from the computer. I won't touch the computer at all, won't even look at it. It might be something worth trying in 2011?

    Thanks a lot for all your great posts (and the comments on my blog) this year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    • Hi Jens,

      Staying away from the computer for one day might prove good and looks like a good goal. I am reading Leo Babauta's Focus and I am working on micro version of this goal. I am trying to stay away from internet in morning time because at that time, I have to concentrate on studies.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

  15. This is really funny… This morning I got a call from my sister. She said that she would pay for a ticket for me to fly up to spend Christmas with her family. I turned her down because I want to work on my blog :)

    My girlfriend just told me she wanted to go on a road trip sometime soon. I said no because I want to work on my blog!

    As for taking time off during the holidays… I don't know… It's true that my traffic was down a bit during the Thanksgiving holidays, but I still got a fair amount of traffic, comments, and retweets.

    So while I can see where you're coming from here… I think I'm going to just keep on working :D

    • Hi Tristan,

      Well, keeping working is good and looking at the hard work you have been doing over at Blogging Bookshelf, I am sure you will get similar number of comments and traffic in holidays too(count -1, I won't be around! ;) ).

      Thanks for commenting.

  16. Good for you Ishan – I'm glad you are taking a break. You deserve it for one, and secondly it really does give you a refresh. 2011 will be a great year – so ride the rest of 2010 out and celebrate the accomplishments you've made thus far.


    • Hi Jk,

      Well 2010 was a good year for me and I am looking forward to 2011.

      Let's see how it works out. Thanks for the comment.

  17. Hi Ishan,

    Taking a break really helps. It helps to revitalize us and relax us. Many people will busy spending time with their family and friends, so it is perfect timing for a few days break. :) Thanks for sharing

  18. A break is definitely in order! :)

    Thanks for the super nice mention in this article, Ishan. I very much appreciate it!

    9 hours to write your ebook, eh? It must be fabulous! I'll download it and read it over the holidays. Thanks so much. :)

  19. Of course it is a good idea to take a break, thanks for the great present, I wish a happy holidy for all.

  20. Have a good holiday and a wonderful birthday. Thanks for giving such sensible permission to take a break. I'd already come to that conclusion, but nice to have the back up.

    • Hi Dorothy,

      Thanks! Well, breaks are necessary and around this time of year when not many people will be online, I think it is best to stop blogging.

      Have great holidays!

  21. Absolutely great!

    I appreciate your need for rest and the fact that you have the courage to step back :)

    • Hello,

      Thanks for commenting. And have wonderful holidays.

      • I'd love to come visiting India someday :)

        • India is a beautiful country. If you visit, we will surely meet.

          • Do you have beer there?:)

            I remember once going to an indian restaurant and eating very spicy food…My stomach didn't feel pretty well after that :)

          • Yep, we have beer here.

            Well, spicy food is a common problem for visitors in India. But do not worry,if you visit my home, we do not cook very spicy food.

          • HI Ishan,

            This post came just in time while i was wondering how to stop blogging while on-site training at india in january.

            I'm going to Bangaluru then 3 days in Rishsikesh….

            Guess, i;m going to just post a short note about my away.

            Unless you allow me to give them 50 Blogging Secrets Learned From Masters“. on your behalf. Let me know how i can promote your blog while i'm away.


          • Hi Ganesh,

            Yes, you can distribute 50 Blogging Secrets. It is under Creative Commons License and you are free to share it as long as you do not change anything in it.

            Thanks for commenting. Have a nice time in Bangaluru.


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