Are You Considering A Guest Post?

Room for Two

Room for Two

As a blogger you must have seen the rise in guest posts.  There are many reasons and benefits for both the host blog and the guest contributor.  My first guest post was done to 'help out another blogger', who was going through a period of illness.  Of course I received so many personal benefits that I ended up seeing it as she helped me! As a guest contributor or host you will have a unique and learning experience.

So rather than rehash the topic, here's a list of resources and related facts.

  1. Mr. I's guest post on why it makes sense to be a guest or exchange posts with another blog.
  2. Do your homework before writing a post-  learn to be a good guest:
    "Research the Blog, Be Yourself, Look for Gaps in the blog,  Sell Yourself,  Be Reliable, and Add Value"
  3. The promotion and advertising benefits of guest blogging, from North x East. He feels it's especially easy for 'good writers.' '
  4. For the hosting blog, takes some tips from ProBlogger on finding guest contributors.
  5. Chris Garrett's full disclosure of pros and cons --- like you're really writing perhaps your best article 'for free!'  Have you experienced those fears self-intimidations? Read his tips on avoiding disaster.
  6. List of blogs where you can submit a post - 52 blogs with their page ranks and whether they're recently published a submission.

We had our first guest post on Blogging with Success  on Jan 18, 2008. The topic is social networking, emphasizing mom blogs and comment trains. We look forward to hosting more.  Future posts with carry the tag  ' guest blogger ''  so you can search for what's been published.

Are you thinking of writing for another blog or hosting a guest post? Leave a comment on why or why not --- do you have any fears about the experience? Also don't just think about it, go for it! If nothing else you will broaden your focus and give your readers another perspective.

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  1. I love to guest post and have learned a lot from having others post on my 3 blogs as well. Very good tip for bloggers. Everyone should consider this! Great blogsite

    • Robin, I know you're busy with 3 blogs! Guest posts allow you to step back for a minute, and take it all in. Thank you for the compliment.

  2. @Brian Elliott – you're welcome, I can say the same for your posts. There's an idea — an guest post exchange.. LOL.

  3. I have listed 'writing guest posts' in my to do list for February so I will return to this post before I get started. I must say your articles are very informative and useful. Thanks.