27 Ways To Take Your Blog From “Good” To “Awesome” In 2011



What’s the difference between “Good” and “Awesome”?

Everyone can be good. That’s being part of the crowd. Losing your unique identity!

But people who are good can stand out of crowd. They are the ones we recognize and remember!

  1. Get A Redesign: Bored with the same old design? Well, how about a complete redesign. Pick up a great theme and go on to give your blog a fresh look.
  2. Do Not Set Goals: Goals can take more time than anything else and sometimes, even prevent you from doing something great. It might be better to just give up goals. Read more in Leo Babauta’s post achieving, without goals.
  3. Write Freely: Following no goals, try to write a post without any goals. That will truly unleash your creativity. When I started writing this post, I thought about “50 Ways” but I am setting myself free now. Let’s see how much I can do without the goal of 50!
  4. Make New Blogging Buddies: Go out and make relationships. Make new friends. Friends who care about you and your blog.
  5. Learn To Find Opportunities: Like ideas, opportunities are everywhere. Learn to respond when an opportunity strikes your door.
  6. Create Opportunities: Opportunities like guest posts don’t come at your door, you have to create them. Go out and create new opportunities.
  7. Realize Your Potential: No one is born talentless. You have something special within you, waiting to be discovered. Discover it and bring it out through your blog.
  8. Be Persistent: Learn how to be persistent and do not give up to anything. Further Reading: 17 Keys To Unlock Your Future by Jonathan.
  9. Blog Like A Kid: Why so serious? Become a kid again! Bring in that creativity. Experiment! Further Reading: Why Would You Ever Want To Grow Anyway? by Arvind Devalia.
  10. Be An Angel: As I am writing this post, I am listening to the song Looking For Angels by Skillet. It just reminds me how we need help many times and need an angel to rescue us. If you find a fellow blogger in need of help, be an angel for him, help! That will not only give you some satisfaction but also show in your writing and blog. Just do it once and see the effect.
  11. Start Video Blogging: Videos engage readers. If you have not yet started video blogging, try posting a video or two and see the response. If you are looking for a good guide on video blogging, try Rapid Video Blogging.
  12. SEO Your Posts: Yep, I am the same guy that says that SEO is secondary. Still, you should not forget about importance of search engines and after you have optimized for humans, take a look at SEO. I recommend using Scribe SEO for checking your posts.
  13. Write Long Posts: Long posts look boring? Not when done correctly. Two of my friends, Elise of Elise Review and Tito of Naijapreneur do a great job with writing detailed posts and always come up with great stuff.
  14. Write Awesome Comments: Quality comments can easily get lot of traffic to your blog. However, most important part is that they show your authority. Next time, do not comment on other blogs just because you have to comment. Go on and write an awesome comment!
  15. Build Momentum: Momentum is very important. In both Physics exam and in life. Learn to ride momentum. Further Reading: How To Harness The Power Of Momentum.
  16. Enjoy Writing: What’s the use of forcing yourself to write something when you don’t want to? Learn To Enjoy Writing.
  17. Do Not Be A Typical Blogger: Are you blogging just to pass  time? Because you have nothing else to do? Then stop this right now. Do not be a typical blogger. Learn to love blogging.
  18. Dominate: Just satisfied with a teeny tiny bit of success? Do not be satisfied. Work hard, work smart and do not just succeed, dominate!
  19. Break The Rules: Why are you following the rules? Did someone ask you to? No! Rules are meant to be broken. And when they are broken at right time, result is awesome. I just did it with my post Dear Spammers, We Listen To You Too. It was nothing about blogging, just poking fun at spammers but it worked well with readers!
  20. Say Thanks: Learn to say thanks to your readers. They are the ones who made you what you are. Without them you are nothing!
  21. Say No: Being helpful is great but when you can’t help someone, learn to say no.
  22. Be Creditable: Being creditable is important as a blogger. Learn the impact of credibility.
  23. Turn Old Into New: Do not forget about your old posts. Learn to recycle the content. Turn Old Into New.
  24. Do Not Settle For Normal: What is “normal” or “good”? It is nothing but an excuse stopping you from achieving your goals? Everyone writes “good” posts. You have to write awesome to be the best!
  25. Get The Basics Right: If the foundation is weak, nothing can save a building from collapsing. You need to get the basics of your blog right. Do not expect some new software or theme to improve your blog. Get the blogging basics right.
  26. Follow A Strategy: Without strategy, your blog will progress in many directions. It will be like a role-playing game. You want the best but you are not sure which way to go. So, you end up with a good archer, a good swordsman, a good fighter. But you will not win the fights. Because battles are won by the people following a strategy, a definite path. An awesome archer can beat your character, so can an awesome swordsman and an awesome fighter. To not write whatever comes to your mind. Find an agenda, a strategy, and follow it.
  27. Be A Friend: Are you also a blogging expert? Well, looks like 54% bloggers consider themselves an expert! But there’s a small problem with the word “expert”, at least in the beginning. Expert gives sense of someone above you. And an expert is also someone who people will not contact thinking “He knows a lot! He will make fun of me for asking this small question.” Do not be an expert. If you want to help your readers, be their friend.

What do you say?

Ready to be “awesome”?

About Ishan Sharma

Hi, I am a young Blogger from India. I am very passionate about blogging and also co-founder of Blogging With Success. I write about general blogging tips and WordPress. You can read other posts by me here.If you need help, feel free to contact anytime!


  1. I am happy to be here

  2. Idea #13 is particularly important, at least for me. My blog focuses on regular updates in a tiny corner of the law known as international judicial assistance. When I set out to create a blog, I thought it was important to have a laser-like focus, in order to differentiate my blog from the bazillions of law blogs already out there. But if your focus is going to be narrow, then it has to be deep if the blog is to be useful to readers. I suppose I’m suggesting the following rule: the narrower your coverage, the deeper you have to go (and so the longer your posts are likely to be). On the other hand, a blog that focuses on aggregating a lot of material and that has a very broad focus will necessarily be shallower, and I would expect the posts to be shorter.

  3. I found every suggestion on your list very positive and helpful. I am a beginner at blogging and I am definitely heeding your advice and some of the suggestions you made in your list. It’s important to engage and connect with your audience, (as you are doing with this post) because it makes them want to come back every time.

    Great Post

  4. Ishan, great list…

    All the best for those

  5. that’s some of my resolutions for 2011. want some of new friends..

  6. Very good blog. You mentioned in your comments that you should have added linking to other sites – I wholeheartedly agree. I run two completely different blogs and I use linking and tagging quite extensively for each article I post.

  7. I like your playful approach to blogging! I need to start my blog soon and I will definitely consider using several of these ideas. Thanks!

    • Hi Janet,
      Glad that you like the post. Let me know if you need any help with starting the blog.
      Thanks for commenting.

  8. I absolutely hate no.1. Most of the time, I would spend hours and hours for several days searching for the perfect theme, installing to see how the theme looks on my blog, continue searching, and guess what? I’m still using the same theme on SheepTech for three straight years.

    Most free themes look too generic. Guess the only way I’d be happy with a new theme is to hire a designer, but I’m not ready for that yet.

    Any plan to redesign Blogging With Success?

    • Hi Vincent,
      Well, a redesign is great way to freshen up a bit. Well, there’s no perfect theme and only thing you can do is customization. However, if you do not want to change current theme, do not!
      Regarding redesigning Blogging With Success, we have not plans to do that anytime soon. We had changed the design recently and this theme is going to stay for quite some time because this is my first full Thesis customization and has taken some 500 lines of code!
      Thanks for commenting.

  9. Hey Ishan:

    This is a great post, thanks for sharing.

    You have some interesting and fun tips that can help bloggers set themselves apart if they apply them.

    One of my goals (yes I know that tip #2 saysDo Not Set Goals) is your tip #4 – Get More Blogging Buddies. I really want to develop better relationships with other bloggers so we can collaborate and accomplish more through working together.

    Have fun!

    - Rick

    • Hi Rick,
      Glad that you liked the post. Making friends is one of the best ways to quickly learn and succeed as a blogger.
      Thanks for commenting.

  10. I like the last tip about being a friend… that is so true. People are more likely to want to engage with you if they perceive you as friendly and interactive, rather than a "expert" that may not have the time of day. Great tips!

    • Hi Kristi,
      Being a step is first step that has been very useful to me. I used to believe that only people with “professional in a suit” approach succeed i.e. who pretend to be busy and look upon their readers. Later, I realized that it is best to be a friend and help others in succeeding. This way, you won’e even know when you became authority!
      Thanks for commenting and retweet.

  11. I definitely agree that no one is born talentless. Each person is unique and each with a different talent. You just have to discover it.

  12. Hi Ishan:

    Your list of blog 'good to awesome" is cool. You have added so many strategies and stil tried your best to keep it short and therefore it became the best read. I liked it.
    Keep up the good work and give us awesome post to read and make your blogging a success.

  13. I love this list! Thanks for taking the time to compile such a comprehensive list of great blogging tips. Keep up the great work and hopefully I'll see you around more often in 2011.
    My recent post Join a Tribe and Become a Better Blogger in 2011

  14. Wow, I can definitely appreciate these great pointers Ishan!

    Definitely great advice to help us stand out in the crowded blogosphere, which is what we all need now more than ever. I personally love #11 (start video blogging) and #19 (break the rules). Video blogging will be one of major strategies in 2011, which strays far from the typical "boring" video style… breaking the rules and everything.

    Thanks for the sweet tips Ishan. All the best to you in 2011!

  15. Wow, that's a long and useful list. I need to bookmark it :)

    I believe that three of your tips are the best (at least for me). I try to write being free, and I don't let anyone tell me what to do, I just write what I want to write, and that makes it a lot better (I think). And, I do my best to connect with people (blogging buddies). It's awesome to talk to people and let them know how they're doing, and get them to comment and tell me how they think I'm doing.

    Finally, I don't set goals. I just work when I feel like working, and I work when I'm inspired :)
    My recent post The Blog Sidebar and how to improve it

    • Hi Jens,
      Glad that you like the post and thanks for bookmarking. Being free helps a lot and always leads to great and new viewpoints. Setting goals can sometimes be good and sometimes, bad.
      Thanks for comment.

  16. This year alone I have found more sites to promote my articles on, and make money with, than I did in he last two years!

    At the moment I am in love with writing so I am trying to churn out as much as possible before the motivation leaves me again.

  17. Hi Tristan,
    Well, I am also planning to expand a bit and start video blogging. Good luck with your goals and thanks for the comment.

  18. very awesome post, I wish if I have some post about making strategy without setting goals.
    My recent post ??? ????????? ??????? ?? ??? ?????? ? ???????? ??????? 2-2

    • Hi Zaki,
      Glad that you like the post. Well, strategy and goals go hand in hand and it is not possible to make a strategy without knowing goals. It is impossible to make a plan unless you know your destination and similarly, it is impossible to make a strategy without goals.
      Thanks for commenting.

  19. 27 ways………. too much for consideration but I think you have to focus on these points to make a different and appealing blog.
    My recent post Merry Christmas &amp Happy Holidays from India Darshan

    • Hi Shailender,
      Well, I agree that 27 is a bit much but I tried to keep them precise to make sure they are not overwhelming.
      Thanks for commenting.

  20. Ishan – YES it's finally Jan 3rd! I missed your blog post during your time off. But I'm glad you took the time off, because it's well deserved and offers a wonderful refresh. This particular post was the real deal. I love how you not only put together 27 great points on taking one's blog to the next level, but you also linked valuable resources. Thanks for adding one of my articles to the list!
    Again, I'm happy to see you back into motion and I'll be impatiently waiting to find what you have next! Peace.
    My recent post The Maturation of a Hustler

    • Hi Jk,
      I should have included linking as one way too because it is another way to get your blog noticed. Your article was a good read and matched the theme of this post, so I added it.
      Thanks for the kind words.

  21. Hi Ishan,

    Hope you had a wonderful break and holiday :) Being persistent is crucial to success. Many people give up too quickly because they lact patience. Thanks for adding my link to number 21 :)

  22. Great post. We all must focus on being angels in the lives of others. Many blog have saves lives, your can be the next.

  23. timethief says:

    What a great post. Thanks so much for being my blogging friend. I appreciate your work and your friendship too.
    My recent post Google Update 2009 Reviewed

  24. Hey! I Thanks for the post and glad you are back! I hope you had an awesome vacation…:)

    you even had the time to write a post :)
    My recent post Quit Internet for Christmas!

  25. Nice post Ishan. Sticking to my posting frequency and building relationship with other bloggers are my main goals in 2011. Your post say do not set any goals but unfortunately I am a damn lazy person and with out any goals I will not work :)

    • Hi Rojish,
      Thanks for commenting. Well, giving up goals is not necessary but sometimes useful. When you often do not achieve goals, it becomes bad a bit frustrating and in such times, it is best to give up the goals.

  26. Good to see you back and hope you enjoyed your break :)
    My recent post Quora will change the way you blog- and probably everything else also


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