Top 5 Ways to Bring Traffic to a New Blog

New bloggers have one problem in common: they find it hard to attract traffic. They write a couple of posts, do some promotion, wait for people to come, but then, what happens? Nothing! No comments, very few visits and a lot of frustration!


In this post, I discuss five ways which bloggers can use to easily attract traffic to their new blog.

  1. Guest Posting. Guest Posting is one the best methods of blog promotion. It may take time to write a good post, but the list of benefits is very long. Initially, you may not get too much traffic directly from the post, but search engine traffic will definitely increase (if you choose a good blog). Recently, I did a guest post on a PageRank 6 blog with 20,000+ subscribers. While only 30 direct visitors came, traffic from Google has doubled and is increasing steadily!
  2. Commenting. Commenting on other blogs can bring in new visitors. If you leave quality comments, blog owners will visit your blog and comment. If you spend 20 to 30 minutes daily on commenting and comment on 10 to 15 blogs, you can expect 50 to 60 visitors.
  3. Participating In Forums. Register for a good (and big) forum. Include a link to your blog with your elevator pitch in your signature. Spend 20 to 30 minutes on this daily, and you may easily get 30 to 40 visitors. Digital Point and SitePoint are two great forums to start with.
  4. Social Networking. Make some friends on Social Networks like Twitter and StumbleUpon. Ask them to ReTweet or Share your posts. Also, take some time to fill out your profile and add links to your blog. Using StumbleUpon and Twitter, you can easily get 50 to 100 visits daily.
  5. Write Good Stuff. If your posts are boring and offer nothing unique, the above exercises are of no use! Make sure your posts have quality.

These were just 5 ways to get traffic to a new blog. What methods did you use to get traffic to your new blog? Please share them in our comments.

Nothing will happen if you close this page thinking, “Ah! Same old stuff everyone tells me! This will not help me.” Just try a tip for 2 or 3 days. You will see the difference yourself!

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About Ishan Sharma

Hi, I am a young Blogger from India. I am very passionate about blogging and also co-founder of Blogging With Success. I write about general blogging tips and WordPress. You can read other posts by me here.If you need help, feel free to contact anytime!


  1. Guest Posting may help me… its nice idea to drive traffic !! :)

  2. thanks for the tips.. i'll definitely try this.

    btw your blog is cool and amazing

  3. Thanks, these are excellent tips. My blog is very new and I guess I have visitor OCD – I've started obsessing over page visits – but I do know that it takes time. I also know that I need to focus more on the writing aspect. As a busy mom my time is very limited. Since joining social networks, commenting in forums, and the like, it seems like I have very little time to devote to writing quality content. I just have to find the right balance I guess. Thanks again. :)
    .-= Michelle´s recent blog ..Food Democracy Now – Want to know what’s in your food? =-.

    • You have the right attitude — doesn't help to obsess! It's so easy to get distracted by social media. Set a time limit for yourself. Also try to write offline using tools like Windows Live Writer.

      Oh, and thanks for the compliments and recent tweets about BWS!

  4. Thanks it will really help new Blogger. One more thinks works well if you comment on do follow blog. And try to join do follow forum. That will help you to get backlink and traffic as well.

  5. I think teh last point you mentioned is the most important but very difficult to achieve.

    • Yes, it is the reason for blogging unless you use blogging as a personal relief, school journal or photo-album. As you said in one of your first posts "Success does not come in a day". The more you write, research, add your unique voice and make adjustments, then the better the quality.

  6. Hello Mr. I,

    I am impressed with your post. This is a gr8 stuff for me as i am new to blogging. well what impressed me most about your blog is your replies to comments. you do reply every comment in a well manner. nice information

    I must say thx

    • Mr I is absent for awhile. Both of us believe strongly in responding to comments and keeping the dialog going. You're quite welcome. Good luck with your blogging and drop us a contact message if you have a specific question.

  7. Can you tell me why my blog is missing visitors after all my hard work and what you told us to do ?

    Pls Tell me why my blog is not getting traffic

    • Frankly it's impossible to find any content — every link including 'contact us' and 'readmore' opens a pop-up ad for linkbucks!!! You have no archives and little or no content that I could find. Even the post I opened had no comment form…. You need a major overhaul and avoid titles like "2 click' above your sidebar ads!

      • Thanks I have Removed My "2 Click" heading.I have Also Removed My Link Bucks!!

        It has been 12hr but nothing changed!

        Can You Tell me How to get traffic for my websites after doing all the 5 stuffs above.

        And I have 229 posts.

        • Hello Varun, I have sent you a mail regarding this. Check your inbox.

          • I have too sent my reply to your inbox check it.


            Read It Here::

            Hi Mr.Ishan Sharma,

            I have Done Everything You Said Except For The First One :

            Reduce Homepage Size: Homepage is a bit heavy and takes time to load

            fully. It is 1 MB+. I'd advice to reduce it to around 400-500 KB. Use

            Blogger's "read more" links for this.

            I Have removed the heavy

            widget(rotating labels) But Not The Chat Box Do You Think Its Necessary For Me to Remove It

            I will take a look at content and send more suggestions.

            Thank U Very Much,

            Please Send Me More Suggestions.


            My BLOG::

        • I'm glad you and Mr.I are in touch by email. Just wanted to say what a difference those few changed made! I even left a comment and sent a contact form. I noticed (hard not to) that you are very impatient — action is good and shows your passion, but don't be so discouraged if results are not instant. l like to stress goal setting (in small measurable steps where actions are specific for that goal) — you haven't said what you're doing in the steps above and for how long [don't tell me here, just wanted to state that for you to reflect on]. So read what we told this impatient blogger:

          1. Case Study: Successful Blogging Tactics for SurvivalStew

          2. Week 6: Successful Blogging Tactics Case Study

  8. I started my new blog yesterday. Now i am doing commenting. And going to start all points except point 4. Because i am not focusing on social networking now. Later i will do it.

  9. Guest posting is the best method to increase traffic to your blog and to increase your subscriber base.

    It gives you a chance to engage readers from other well estblished blog and convert them to your blog!

    • I agree with you. If done properly, the audience can be easily converted. The onversion becomes more easy due to the fact that th readers are already interested in that topic!

  10. thanks for the useful tips.. i'll be visiting those forums to generate more traffic, i'm also looking for ways to get paid to blog but so far i'm finding they don't pay very well :)

  11. It works!

    You commented on my blog.

    I ALWAYS investigate the person who makes the comment . This helps me to make new friends and to make sure that the site is not a spam site.

    I really like your site…. besides commenting… I am signing up for your email updates also.

    • Thanks for signing up for newsletter and the comment.

      Now this is a love example of how commenting can drive traffic and comments!

  12. Good tips, especially blog commenting. In fact, when I'm behind on blog posting I'll actually hold back on commenting on other blogs so I don't get a lot of traffic to a blog that's not been updated. That sounds terrible but it's true.

    Another method I like but it takes a little work is article marketing.

    • That's a good strategy. Driving traffic to an blog that's not updated is not very useful. Many people first look for date when reading a post. In fact, I myself see how old a post is before commenting. If the post is more than 2 weeks old, I rarely comment because bloggers are usually busy with recent posts!

      Recently, many people are saying that dates should be removed off blog posts. I think this can also be a good strategy!

  13. Nice post. I just recently started guest posting and my first one is up today. It's not a huge blog, but still really cool to see my writing elsewhere.

    I haven't tried forums that much, although I am a part of a couple good ones.

    Nice post!

    • Congratulations on getting first Guest Post published! It is a great feeling to see whole new audience appreciating your content.

  14. I have been doing all these stuffs, except that I am still trying to learn the ladder with regards to maximizing the potential of social networking sites on bringing in visitors on my blog.

  15. Nice tips.

    So far i have only been doing blog commenting and forum posting and am getting around 20 uniques a day, I know these aren't amazing stats, but its better then nothing. I havent tried guest posting yet, but am going to start doing some guest post very soon.

    If you write interesting and quility content you'll get some regular readers that will come to your blog on a daily basis. As they say content is KING!

    Nice Post

  16. Hi Mr. I,

    As you say doing a guest post on a highly-rated blog should be rated #1 as you do so here. I have done everything here and I recently joined a forum. I will have to check out SitePoint and Digital Point. I have purchase web-development books from SitePoint in the past.

    I really appreciate posts like this one because it lets me know that I am on the right track. Everything I have learned from this blog site has been very helpful!



  17. Getting traffic is always a work in progress. I've used many of the tips you outline in your post but have not tried many forums yet. Your tips are good for new blogs and established blogs as well. An other point I'd like to add is to do some SEO as that will bring you traffic long term.

    Great post – thanks

    • Getting traffic is always a work in progress.

      Absolutely true!
      SEO is a good advice for all bloggers, new as well as old. Thanks for adding it.

  18. Firstly, thanks for the guide. I will start following today.
    I want to add 1 more tip:

    Whenever you visit a internet cafe, change the homepage of browser to your blog's address. This will surely give you some traffic. (Might be 24-30 visitors a day)

    1 more!
    Writing articles in Ezine directory or any other database can also help in getting quality traffic!

  19. I especially like your last point – it's absolutely right that we need to work on the content to make sure people actually want to read it. Sometimes it's also all to easy to get distracted with ways to get the visitors and actually forget to spend time writing and coming up with ideas. It's important to find a balance.

    • Thanks for the compliment. As you said, there should be balance between content and promotion. A single one out of these won't do much good!


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