Bicycle Approach to Blogging

Do you know how to ride a bicycle? If yes, you already know the basics of blogging. Both of these have many similarities in common and you can learn much about blogging from bicycles.

Here's how you learn to drive a bicycle and what lessons you can learn from it and apply to be a successful blogger.


1. Before Starting

When you are new to bicycles and want to learn riding, you rely on family and friends. You do not choose just anyone to teach you, you go with someone who knows about it and can ensure your safety.

bikebulletBlogging Lesson: When you are new, do not just subscribe to lot of blogs. Instead, look for advice from friends and other people about blog of their choice where you can actually learn something. And do not just read their articles, follow them.

2. Starting to Learn

When you start to learn, it feels like everyone is just staring at you and will laugh when you fall. But when you fall, hardly anyone notices. You continue learning and after it, learn how to avoid falling and start riding smoothly.

bikebulletBlogging Lesson: When you are new, only a few people(your early audience) will notice your mistakes. Do not get discouraged. This is perfect time for mistakes. Experiment as much as you can and learn from it. When readers grow, use these lessons you learned and avoid mistakes.

3. Regular Rider

When you become somewhat regular at riding, you start enjoying it. It does not feel difficult anymore and soon, you do not need an instructor for basic things.

bikebulletBlogging Lesson: When you become used to blogging, it's not hard to write good posts. Most of posts turn out good and you do not need to ask people for every little thing. However, you still need consultation for some advanced things like pillar posts.

4. Stuntman

After some time, you start becoming an expert in riding and learn some stunts. You can now ride with both hands off and so on. People start noticing you and pass good comments. You become habitual of the praise and work hard.

bikebulletBlogging Lesson: After some regular blogging, you are established as an expert if your advice is good enough. People start commenting on your blog regularly and you get good reviews. You start liking all this and begin to work hard on your posts. This work pays off and more people start noticing you. Now, you start getting invitations for Guest Posts and they start appearing on big blogs!

5. Pro Rider

You learn everything and start thinking of new moves. You start performing at big events and lots of people become your fans.

bikebulletBlogging Lesson: When you start becoming popular, your posts start getting lot of comments without any promotion. The social bookmarking buttons on your posts tend to be used a lot. If you monetize your blog, affiliates and ad networks rush to your door.

6. Tour de France

Finally the big day comes. You participate in Tour de France and win it. At this point, you can not count number of fans. Everyone wants to meet you; you start getting marriage proposals.

bikebulletBlogging Lesson: When you keep up the quality, your fans will grow and you will be called the "A-List Blogger". Your fans will be around the world and your posts will start hitting the front pages of popular social bookmarking sites.

But Unfortunately:

Not all riders become stuntmen, pros and participate in Tour de France. Most bloggers stay 'regular' and do not put in the effort needed for the next level. They remain  "just another one" in the crowd.

Happy Blogging

Happy Blogging

Ultimate Blogging Lesson: Do not be just another blogger. Focus your efforts and expand your skills. If you fall, ride (err... blog) again. Keep working until you become a pro.

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  1. Excellent thoughts! Very well laid out. I really enjoyed reading the post. I think you guys are stunt men in blogging and new bloggers like me could really learn from you

    Keep up the good work! Btw, I am following you guys on twitter as well



  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. The information was right on and the analogy was great.

  3. I'm still hoping for the Tour de France stage.

    Great analogy!

    • You need to be -extra- serious in blogging, and always think blogging as a goal of your life to reach that.


      That's why there are only few people that are able to join Tour de France. :D

      • Fransiska, Do not advice Creative Junkie to be a serious blogger! If she takes your advice, who will write the funny posts on her blog? ;-)