How To Add And Manage Tables In WordPress Posts Without HTML Knowledge

editing an XML file in a WYSIWYG editor

Tables allow you to present information in a compact and easy to understand way.

And I am sure you have thought about adding tables to your blog posts. You need to know HTML for this, right?

And HTML is not so easy to learn and use.

Thankfully, some WordPress plugins make it easy to create and add tables to your post.

If you always wanted to add nice tables in your blog posts, then one of the following plugins can make the job easy for you.

First one is TinyMCE Advanced which  extends the functionality of the default WYSIWYG editor.  The plugin not only lets you easily add tables, but comes with many other formatting options.

Using TinyMCE Advanced

First, install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory. Activate it and go to Settings -> TinyMCE Advanced.

You will see a Drag and Drop interface similar to the WordPress editor. You can drag and drop the icons to arrange/delete buttons. The table menu item is a group of 11 buttons:

TinyMCE Advanced Tables

TinyMCE Advanced Table Options

Drag it to the toolbar and it will appear in the editor. Just click Insert table button(first one) and you will be able to add table and define advanced properties easily without messing with code.

Second Option is to use the WP-Table Reloaded plugin.

Using WP-Table Reloaded

WP-Table Reloaded is suited for bloggers who have to use same tables again in posts. This plugin lets you create a table through an easy interface and then you can embed it in posts.

After installing WP-Table Reloaded,  go to Tools -> WP-Table reloaded. Click Add new table in top menu and enter table name, description and number of rows and columns. Click Add Table button and then go to Edit table. Click the table you just created. You will be presented with an easy interface where you can add values.

After adding values, save the table. You can insert table in any post/page by adding shortcode [table id=-your-table's-id- /].

One notable feature of this plugin is that it lets you export and import tables from CSV, XML and HTML formats.

Which One Will Be Better For You?

If you do not use a lot of tables in your posts, thenTinyMCE Advanced is the better option. Apart from tables, it also adds a lot of extra features to WordPress editor which are very useful.

If you use Tables in posts frequently and need to repeat/export/import them regularly, WP-Table Reloaded will suit you better.

Do you know of any other plugin that can do a good job with tables? Let us know through comments.

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  1. any way to do it without plugins..

  2. Mmmmkay, unexpected. Grabbed this off of yahoo despite it being definitely not related to what I was looking for (tech news), but I read everything. Uh, good job?

  3. You are a star! I’ve been searching for a way to easily put tables in to posts and pages instead of doing it in Dreamweaver and copying it over to WP. The WP-Table Reloaded plugin tool is awesome and just what I was looking for to display loans companies on my payday loans site. Now figuring it all out but all looks good. Cheers!

  4. Yap, Nice share man. Very helpful for me.

  5. Nice Tips. Thanks for sharing this. I gonna try and use that plugin now.

    God bless :D

  6. Hi, I’m working on a new site using WordPress. I am using the table editor wp table reloaded. How do I edit things like background color, border color, border widths, set column widths etc.

  7. Nice share. I was surprise it was this easy to make tables in blog post. I thought it was not possible. and you need and external html to do tables for your blog.
    My recent post How to add Favicon to you WordPress Blog

  8. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for a way to put a table in a WordPress post, so this is quite useful. Ray

  9. GREEEAAAAATTTTT Tip my friend.

    Take care and continue !

    Armel from France & Cameroon (Africa)

  10. Thanks a lot. I never knew we could do that. Waiting for more useful posts

    .-= Tables in WordPress Posts´s recent blog ..Insert Tables Into WordPress Posts =-.

    • Why wait — take a look at our site map and explore our posts. You might find more useful ones! I changed your keyword name to name of your blog — I'd really like to use a human name (or initials in my case LOL) when replying.

  11. WP-Table Reloaded is a very useful plugin for publishing any kind of table. I am starting a new hotel guide type of website and I needed to list all the hotel options in several tables.

    I did a try with TinyMCE advanced functions (worked alright) but found that WP-table reloaded produced an even much cleaner code.

    True that this plugin has been totally rewritten for WP 2.8 and above.

    But I would like to mention here its author, Tobias Bäthge, which attitude is very positive and helpful for the WP community.

    I needed help and opened a thread on the WP forum. In less than an hour I had a reply from Tobias.

    I thought I was lucky but when I checked his tracklist, I found he always managed to answer in about 1 or 2 hours.(!)

    For sure this guy doesn’t save his energy to keep its plugin running as well as giving help to lots of users.

    I even contacted him by mail for a specific request and had a very clear and explicit answer in about 1 hour.

    Not so common today, this is why I decided to mention it here.


  12. I was about to pull my hair out with this topic, trying to get a background image in the post.

    I just ran across a free WP plugin that does the work for you! VERY EASY!

    In your dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New and type in Post Background. The name of the plugin is: Custom Post Background. Hope that helps!


    • John, thanks for info about the Post Background plugin. However the description only talks about changing post background colors. This article is about tables. Does the plugin also do tables?

  13. Thanks for this post! It helped a lot on my research.

  14. Is there any possible way of being able to move the tables in the editor?

    In my editor, I can't put tables side by side , they automatically create a line break. Is there a possibility of being able to "move" or "drag" the tables ( like one would do with images?). Am I missing a parameter in the options?

    • Greg,

      You can not drag and drop tables. You can't even safely highlight the rows and copy/paste in Compose Mode since you'll miss the full table variables. Naturally you can highlight in html mode but it's hard to find.

      The safest way to move is to first turn on border to see the cells, then add an anchor word on the line above and below the table. Use those anchor lines to copy the words and the table, delete since it's now in the clipboard, then paste into the new location. Turn off border, clean up anchor words.

      As for side by side, You can create a single row, 2 cell table and copy-paste one table into each cell. Need to be careful they fit the width of your post column.

  15. One thing that has me perplexed about WP-Tables reloaded is that sometimes Google picks up the table entries and sometimes it doesn't.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I just asked about it in WordPress plugin support. So if I get an answer there, I'll post it here.

  16. Matt Baehr says:

    Thanks so much. I figured they were in the stylesheet somewhere, but I am a little new to editing them. I got rid of the border and removed the class like you suggested. Now it works. The only minor detail is that the text seems very far from the bullets now, and I am not sure why.

    On this page, the text is right on the bullet.

    Is there another place in the style sheet for bullets within tables? I didn't see one, but I could have missed it.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    • Yes there is bullet styling but it's for anything in a post (your table just inherits the settings: It spaces in 9px to allow room for the background bullet image — so don't change it !

      .Post ul li, .Post ol ul li


      background-image: url('images/bullet2.jpg');




      So I think the difference in the two bullet list does have to do with the table but it may be the fact that this is the only row in the table (th) and is styled to center and spread out in the available space of 740 with only 4 cells.

      *** added on July 2:

      You can do the same thing without tables!!! Assuming you have only one line across the page. Replace the table code with:


      <li style="display:inline; padding-right:75px">Healthcare

      <li style="display:inline; padding-right:75px">Technology

      <li style="display:inline; padding-right:75px">Sports and Leisure

      <li style="display:inline; padding-right:0px">Consumer Advantage


  17. Matt Baehr says:

    Oops, looks like I can't post the code like that here. Maybe this works.


    • I think the table styles are set within your template for articles/posts:

      *** this is just part of the styling but it is what sets the 'border' on the first or header columns. the color is #819292 as specified below.

      .article th, .article td


      padding: 2px;

      border: solid 1px #819292;

      vertical-align: top;



      So if this table is different then you need to give it a new class. I notice if you remove class="aligncenter" then the width you want takes effect.. Hope this helps.

  18. Matt Baehr says:

    Thanks. Here is the code that is created. I have only entered data in one cell so far.


    Here is what is looks like live though –

    Not right at all. Do I have to change something in my style sheet?

    • I see the table source code (view page source) and will send a response to your email. I noticed you have unordered list within the first cell — I've experienced lots of edit problems with list inside of other things like tables and even block quotes…. but let me look more closely.

  19. Matt, we'd love to help — Can you give me the post with the bad table, or send the html code in our contact form.

  20. Matt Baehr says:

    I am using TinyMCE advanced, but it seems that not everything works right with my formatting. I have put in width and border=0, but it keeps showing a border and not the right width.

    Any help?

  21. I was not aware that it can be done so easily with Tiny MCE Editor, i tried manually but was never successful , thanks for the information provided.

    • Thanks for Compliment.
      Creating tables with TinyMCE is a breeze and there are many advanced functions available! Have fun with it!

  22. @Creative Junkie – now you know, so give it a whirl. Let us know if you run into any problems.

    @George Serradinho – I also use html and have coded tables within tables for complex 'data.' Still the point and click icons make it easier/faster with fewer mis-typings. Anyone creating tables with the plugin can better understand the html if they want to go behind the scenes…

  23. Is bidvertizer paying?

    is it not a fake service??

  24. Tables can be very useful on web pages and from time to time I create them and use them. Like George I code them myself and also like him I'm a minimalist when it comes to plugins. For beginners who want to try their hand at coding I recommend HTML Table Basics as it's easy to understand and accomplish creating a table in moments

    • We'll add that to our CSS styling resource list. Thanks! I think more bloggers can make use of tables for displaying images (like an album). On row or column could hold text. Also images could be thumbnails, click and get larger link to decrease page loading.

  25. I have used TinyMCE Advanced but learned html so I just code it. It's quicker for and I'm also trying to keep the total amount of plugins lower.

  26. You know, I have never inserted a table into a blog post – I didn't even know you could do that!


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